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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Think #23 Finish Line

Ok I completed the survey. My comment about that is there should be some kind of survey completed screen after you push submit. I hit submit three times thinking i didn't get it because the page stayed the same. Then when I reviewed the results...there were 3 from me! Opps.

1. The thinks I liked most were the ones that I think I can use in the classroom from day one. Poster maker, baseball cards, photo story, the list goes on. Love the idea if giving the kids a comic strip and letting them fill in the voice bubbles, then showing the class the differences and how they are all valid responses.

2. I love the way this class was put together. I learned so much at my own pace. As a learner I was exposed to a lot of information but I was not overwelmed because I set the pace. I feel like I was able to internalize more. I would love to see these classes continue with new things. Everyone knows each new day brings new technology and this process is a great way to learn about it in a non threatening way.

3. I was surprised by how much of the stuff was applicable to a fourth grade classroom and how immediately it could be effective.

4. Love the format and the concept as I said before, this class is truely differenciated. And for adults that is a very hard thing to find.

5. I would absolutely participate and given a chance I would love to recruit more collegues to participate.

6. Differenciated Self-paced User friendly

7. Commenting on other people's blogs is fun! I learn a lot by reading what other people have to say!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thing 22 Nings

Finally a thing without a snag!! I think Nings could be a good thing. I think it could be used by a team and specialist to share ideas when you are not in "team meetings". It might also be useful for new teachers to communicate with each other and ask questions without getting the judgemental look! It is most times easier to ask the "dumb questions" in writing. By connecting the blogs you could create a very helpful network. I am really interested in this being the Mentor/Mentee liason at my school.

Thing 21...sort of

I really enjoyed thing 21. I think it would be GREAT for the classroom if I can get it on my compters there. It was SUPER user friendly and easy to manipulate. My problems were the obvious...not being able to use my laptop and my home computer not having a microphone. So here is what I came up with without an audio recording and I will work on getting a microphone and adding the auditory piece.

More Drama!! Thing 21

OK this is getting a little annoying! Now I have "installed" photostory on my laptop, but when I try to run it. It says the administrator has blocked installation of this blah blah and it won't work! Plan be is to try the home computer, but isn't the point to be able to use this cool program with kids at school?? How am I supposed to do that if I can't get the thing to install!

Somthing about System Administrator Policies???

Add on to thing 20

There is something going on with my school lap top that won't let me view videos. I couldn't even see the video I embeded until I got on my home computer. Anyone have any idea how I messed that up. This is a recent thing because I was able to see the Simple Craft videos before and now they show up as a white box. Anyone have the same problem?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thing 20 Take 2

Ok here goes. I have had some trouble getting this to work, but I finally got to view some videos by getting them converted at Zamzar.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Frustrated with Thing 20!!!

I can't get any teacher tube or you tube videos to show!! I am going to have to get some tube tutoring.